Riverside Cemetery

This is the first digital edition of burial records of the Riverside Cemetery, 122 William Street, Towanda, Pennsylvania. The database was created from handwritten burial records on index cards created by volunteers of the Riverside Cemetery Association in the 1960s from original records dating from the early 1800s. It is accompanied by a section map that follows. Individual section maps are anticipated soon.

Some of the records are incomplete because the information is either not available or is undecipherable. Future digital editions will include updated information as time and cross-checking with various sources permit, as additional information is obtained from various sources, and as the results of an exhaustive land survey of headstones, markers and underground radar information (GPR) are processed.

Meanwhile, this is the most comprehensive, consolidated presentation of the records of burials in the Riverside Cemetery. It was produced by the Riverside Cemetery Association with research assistance by the Bradford County Historical Society.

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RCA Notes to Researchers

RCA Section Map

RCA Burial Database - May 2017

Introduction to Riverside Cemetery Veterans

Riverside Cemetery Veterans

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