Historic Monuments and Markers - Lime Hill

Boulder and Tablet (US 6, 3.7 miles north of Wyalusing)

"Lime Hill Battlefield, April 14, 1782. Sergeant Thomas Baldwin's party in attempting to rescue Mrs. Rosewell Franklin and her four children, who had been captured by the Indians, met the enemy near this spot. After four hours of fighting, three of the children were rescued but Mrs. Franklin was killed. Sergeant Baldwin's breastworks were located seventy rods northwest of this marker. Marked by the Penna. Historical Commission and the Bradford County Historical Society, 1928."

On the Reverse of the Above Boulder (US 6, 3.7 miles north of Wyalusing)

"JOSEPH ELLIOTT. Second in command at the battle of Lime Hill, April 14, 1782. He killed the Indian who shot Mrs. Franklin and rescued three of her four children. He was in the engagement at Trenton, December 25, 1776, and was presented a sword by General George Washington for bravery. He broke from the Indians at Bloody Rock, Wyoming Massacre, and swam the Susquehanna River with a bullet in his shoulder and escaped to Wilkesbarre. Erected by his descendants."

Roadside (US 6 at Lime Hill, 3.7 miles north of Wyalusing)

"LIME HILL. Here April 14, 1782, a party led by Sgt. Thomas Baldwin tried to rescue a woman and her children held as Indian captives. In a four-hour battle, three children were saved but the mother was killed." Erected May 12, 1947.

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