Historic Monuments and Markers - Wysox

Boulder and Tablet, Wysox

"This stone commemorates the passing through Wesauking on August 9 and October 4, 1779, of Major General John Sullivan and his troops in the military expedition against the Six Nations. 'The glorious achievements we have exhibited in extending our conquests so far will make no inconsiderable balance even in the present politics of America. Its future good consequences I leave to the eloquence of time to declare, which will in the ages hence celebrate the memory of a conquest, the really good evidences and advantages of which posterity will particularly enjoy.' Journal of Lieutenant-Colonel Adam Hubley, of the Advance Guard of Sullivans Army. Erected October 4, 1908 by George Clymer Chapter, D.A.R., Towanda, Penna."

Tablet on the Presbyterian Church, Wysox

"This church was organized October 3, 1791 as Congregational by Rev. Jabez Culver, a Connecticut missionary. This was the first church of white people north of Wilkes-Barre, and mother of the Towanda Presbyterian Church. The building of this 'Old Brick Church' was begun in 1828. The church became Presbyterian in 1830. This tablet erected by the George Clymer Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, 1936"

Roadside (junction of US 6 and PA 187)

"AZILUM. Site of the famed French refugee colony is a few miles south. Here exiles laid out a town and built La Grande Maison for the Queen and her son, the heir of the throne of France." Erected May 12, 1947.

Roadside (US 6, 3.2 miles east of Wysox)

"RURAL ELECTRIFICATION. In 1936 seventy-five percent of Pennsylvania farms had no electric service. During the next five years, with Federal support, 14 consumer-owned cooperatives were formed in the state. Claverack Rural Electric Cooperative, serving parts of eight northeastern Pennsylvania counties, was incorporated October 24, 1936."

Dedicated October 24, 1986.

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