Historic Monuments and Markers - French Azilum

Boulder and Tablet (lookout off US 6, 4.5 miles north of Wyalusing)

"Azilum, a settlement of French Royalists who fled the French Revolution in 1793 was established in the valley directly opposite this marker. It was laid out and settled under the direction of Viscount De Noailles, and Marquis Antoine Omer Talon. It was hoped that Queen Marie Antionette might here find safety. Among many distinguished visitors to this place were Louis Phillipe, Duke of Orleans, later King of France; Prince de Talleyrand; and the Duke de Montpensier and the Duke de la Rochefoucauld Liancourt. Marked by the Penna. Historical Commission and the Bradford County Historical Society, 1930."

Roadside (lookout off US 6, 4.5 miles north of Wyalusing)

"AZILUM. The broad plain which can be seen from this point was the site, 1793-1803, of the French refugee colony. The Great House, built for Marie Antoinette and her son, was there and an entire village founded." Erected May 12, 1947.

Boulder and Tablet (Located at French Azilum Historic Site)

"Azilum. This monument is erected to commemorate and perpetuate the memory and deeds of the French Royalist refugees, who escaping from France and the horrors of its Revolution and the Revolution in San Domingo, settled here in 1793, located and laid out the town of Azilum, under the auspices of Viscount de Noailles and Marquis Antione Omer Talon. In 1796 Louis Phillipe, Duke of Orleans and afterwards King of France, visited here. The Duke de Montpensier, Count Beaujolais, the Duke de la Rochefoucauld de Liancourt and many other distinguished Frenchmen were visitors or residents for a short time at Azilum. Erected in 1916 by John W. Mix and Charles d'Autremont, Jr., Descendants of the French Refugee Settlers."

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