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The Bradford County Historical Society has the collection of most volumes published by the Wyoming Historical and Genealogical Society (now the Luzerne County Historical Society) of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. Many of the volumes contain 200 pages or more of records. Bradford County did not officially become a county until 1812. The period of the 1770’s up to 1812 when settlement existed in the county, records appear in other county records and archives. Below are the volumes in the collection with some extracts of contents that pertain to residents and settlement in Bradford County.

  • Volume III: 1886
  • Volume IV: 1898
  • Volume V: 1900

Matthias and John Hollenbeck’s list of losses by an Indian incursion in Westmoreland County, in the State of Connecticut in the month of July 1778. The Hollenbecks were residing in the Wyoming Valley, which was then claimed by the State of Connecticut. The Hollenbeck family later had extensive business interests in the Chemung and Susquehanna River Valleys.

The French at Asylum by Rev. David Craft read before the Society January 14, 1898.

List of Taxable Inhabitants in the Town and County of Westmoreland, State of Connecticut 1776-1780. Includes the Upper River District tax lists that encompassed what became Bradford County. When the Town of Westmoreland was established in 1774, as a part of Litchfield County, Connecticut, the area that became Bradford County was included in this town under Connecticut title though controversial with the State of Pennsylvania, the latter ultimately succeeding in establishing jurisdiction. At a town meeting held at Wilkes Barre March 2, 1774 the necessity of taxation was realized, over three hundred families free of taxation up to that time period. The lists cover nine localities: Wilkes Barre, Kingston, Plymouth, Hanover, Pittston, Exeter, Up The River (present Bradford County and Wyoming County), Lackawanna, and Westmoreland. Pennsylvania was also levying taxes at the same time. In the Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd series, Volume XIX will be found tax lists for Wyoming Township, Northumberland County for 1778 through 1789 which jurisdiction present Bradford County, which had not yet been created, also existed under, both Connecticut and Pennsylvania claiming jurisdiction. These give full names of resident and non-resident landowners. The names on the Connecticut lists do not appear on the Pennsylvania lists.

  • Volume VI: 1901

Records of the First Presbyterian Church of Wilkes Barre beginning in 1803. Since few churches had been organized in what is now Bradford County, which had not yet been formed when the church records begin, baptisms (both infant and adult), marriages, and deaths of residents of what became Bradford County can be found in these church records. The marriage of Henry Welles of Athens and Phebe Patrick 20 Feb 1809 and John Miller of Tioga and Rachel Crissman of Hanover 20 Dec 1808, for example.

  • Volume VII: 1902

This important volume contains records of marriages and deaths from the Wilkes Barre Gazette published at Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, December 5, 1797 – December 8, 1800 and Luzerne County Federalist, published at Wilkes Barre, January 12, 1801 – December 28, 1809. Bradford County had not yet been created though there were many residents within the current county borders. There were no newspapers published during this time frame in the yet to be created Bradford County. The Wilkes Barre newspapers cover extensively the area of Bradford County along the Susquehanna River and many marriages and deaths are noted for Athens, Sheshequin, Towanda, Wysox, Wyalusing, and other communities that existed during that time period.

  • Volume VIII: 1904

A Day at Asylum by Rev. David Craft prepared for the Society November 14, 1902 and intended as a supplement to his first paper of January 14, 1898. Contains maps and portraits.

Count Zinzendorf and the Moravian and Indian Occupancy of the Wyoming Valley 1742-1763. Many footnotes on the Montour Family.

  • Volume X: 1909

Marriages and deaths from the Susquehanna Democrat published at Wilkes Barre from July 3, 1810 to March 6, 1818.

United States Revolutionary pensioners living in Bradford County, 1835 reprinted from the “Report from the Secretary of War, for 1835.”

  • Volume XI: 1910
  • Volume XII: 1912

Records of the Town of Westmoreland, which the Wyoming section and upper Susquehanna was once called when claimed by Connecticut. The records contain many land transactions between the Susquehanna Company and the early settlers of which some are contained in this volume.

  • Volume XIII: 1914
  • Volume XIV: 1915
  • Volume XV: 1917
  • Volume XVI: 1918
  • Volume XVII: 1919
  • Volume XVIII: 1923

Records of the Probate Court of Westmoreland in the County of Litchfield, in the Colony of Connecticut from January 6, 1777 to June 16, 1783. Early Bradford County residents can be found in these records under the claim of Connecticut and their conflict with Pennsylvania, Bradford County not being officially created until 1812.

  • Volume XIX: 1926

Contains the diary of Obadiah Gore during his march with the Sullivan Expedition in 1779. The journal begins on July 31, 1779, the date of the departure of the army from Wyoming. The last entry is dated September 19th while in central New York. The army departed after this date on a march homeward in several separate detachments, continuing to destroy villages and crops. Obadiah Gore settled at Sheshequin in Bradford County. He held public office of Judge for Luzerne County 1787-1791 before the creation of Bradford County, member of the Connecticut Assembly from 1781-82 when the area was claimed by Connecticut, and the Pennsylvania Legislature 1788-90.

  • Volume XX: 1929
  • Volume XXI: 1930
  • Volume XXIII: 1971

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