The Bradford County Historical Society published the first Annual in 1906. Ten more were published over the next several years. They were printed in Towanda at the Bradford Star. They contain some information not found in other published documents. Several articles have illustrations. The contents of each Annual and publication date are given below.

No. I - published 1906:

Papers and Addresses
Friedenshutten and Wyalusing Indians
Indian Paths or Trails in Bradford County
Pike In Early Times
The Warren Pioneers
The McKean Family
David Wilmot
Julia Kinney Scott
The Question Box
Bradford County, organization
Townships, area, date of organization, territory from which taken and origin of name
Boroughs and date of Incorporation
Early Marriages

No. II - published 1908:

Library and Museum
Advent of White Man Into Bradford County
Fox Family
Elizabeth Means
Indian Towns at North Towanda
The Connecticut Claim and Its Importance In Our History
Conrad Weiser
History of Smithfield Township
Dr. Darius Bullock
Some Wyalusing Pioneers
Our First Judge - Hon. John Bannister Gibson
Bradford County Pioneers – Men Who First Entered the Wilderness and Carved Out Homes
Date of Organization and Settlement of the Counties of Pennsylvania

No. III – published 1909:

Col. John A. Codding
Bradford County During The Revolution
Patriots Who Fought For Independence (Revolutionary Soldiers and Place of Burial)
Historical Address
Hartley Expedition
Colonel John Franklin
Yankee and Pennamite Troubles
The Wilmot ProvisoWar Days
J. Washington Ingham
Col. John Franklin
Hon. Ulysses Mercur
Memorative (Deceased Members)
Lyman S. Chubbuck
Library and Museum (acquisitions and donors)
Historical Society, Organization
Old People’s Day

No. IV – published 1910:

Dr. Ezra P. Allen
Count Zinzendorf in Pennsylvania, Nicholas Ludwig, Count of Zinzendorf
Judge Obadiah Gore
The Old Towanda Academy
History of Troy Schools
Hon. Thomas Burnside, Second Judge of Bradford County
Moravian Mission at Ulster
Old Time Training Days
History Wilmot Township
Bradford County Families, 1790
Memorative (Deceased Members) – Guy C. Hollon, Clinton S. Fitch, Mrs. Emma I. Wilt, Stephen Fowler Robinson, Charles L. Tracy
Guy C. Hollon (photo)
Stephen F. Robinson (photo)
Library and Museum (acquisitions and donors)

No. V Part 1 – published 1911:

Justus A. Record
The Browns
Early History of Burlington and Reminiscences
Old Athens Academy
Stephen Collins Foster
Early War Times
Memorative – Levi S. Blasdell, Elmer B. McKee, William Scott, Orson A. Baldwin, Hon. Elijah Reed Meyer, Clarence T. Kirby, Harry A. Madill
Library and Museum (acquisitions and donors)

Part II

The Earliest Tax List
Tioga Taxables, 1796
Wyalusing Assessment, 1796
Wysox Assessment, 1796
Ulster Taxables, 1801-02
Rush Taxables, 1802
Orwell Taxables, 1804
Burlington Taxables, 1804
Canton Taxables, 1806
The First County Election
Voters of First Election
The First County Court
The First County Statement
The First Church Organization in Bradford County
Judges of County
Associate Judges
Clerks Orphan’s Court
Registers and Recorders
District Attorneys
County Treasurers
County Commissioners
County Superintendents
County Auditors
County Surveyors
Jury Commissioners
Members of Assembly and Districts
Congressmen and Districts
Vote for Presidents
Vote for Governors
Vote on Popular Questions

No. VI – published 1912:

Judicial Organization, the First Judge and his Associates
William Bradford, the Honored Name
First County Officers and Duties
Legislation Creating Bradford County
Towanda, the County Seat
Marie Theresa Schillinger
Phoebe Winans Place
Ninth Annual Old People’s Meeting
Memorative – Robert S. Sabin, Major Levi Wells
Library and Museum (acquisitions and donors)
Origin Name of Places and Streams

No. VII – published 1913:

John B. Gibson, Bradford County’s First Judge
Centenary Subjects – War of 1812
Bradford County – War of 1812
Centenary of Four Townships (Pike, Warren, Windham, Wells, 1813)
Columbia and Springfield Townships
Columbia Township 1813 – 1913
Springfield Township
The Pioneer Library
Tenth Annual Old People’s Meeting
Delightful 100th Anniversary Celebration - Anne Lewis Wright
Memorative – William T. Davies, Robert H. Laning
Library and Museum (acquisitions and donors)
Secretary’s Report

No. VIII – published 1914:

Indian History Sugar Creek
The Connecticut Women of the Wyoming Valley
Anti-Slavery and Movement in Bradford County
Residents at County Organization
Bradford County Centenarians
Eleventh Annual Old People’s Meeting
A Remarkable Meeting
Memorative – Hon. George Moscrip, J. Valentine Geiger, David T. Evans, Col. Enoch J. Ayers
Library and Museum (acquisitions and donors)
Secretary’s Report
Treasurer’s Report

No. IX – published 1915:

The Kingsley and Slocum Families – Francis Slocum, the Captive
First Event in Pennsylvania History Commemorated – 300th Anniversary of the Coming of Stephen Brule, the First White Man, to Carantouan, Unveiling of Marker, Imposing Exercises
Local Indian Tribes and Early Historical Events
Bradford County Chronology 1615-1800
Twelfth Annual Old People’s Meeting
Memorative – Mrs. Anna Scott
Library and Museum
Secretary’s Report
Treasurer’s Report

No. X – published 1917

The Hartley Expedition, 1778 – The Battle of Indian Hill
Bradford County Chronology cont’d from Vol IX
Whence Counties Get Names
Events Celebrated – Centenary Justus A. Record
Another Centenarian – Walter Scott Newman
French Refugees Commemorated
Thirteenth Old People’s Meeting
Memorative – Emery J. Kerrick, Dr. Edward D. Payne, Herbert S. Putnam, Col. Joseph H. Horton
Library and Museum (acquisitions and donors)
Secretary’s Report

No. XI – published 1918

Physical and Geographical History of Bradford County and Historical and Geographical Review 1615-1917

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