Account Ledgers

Account ledgers, often overlooked in genealogical research, can often provide information regarding families not found in other resources. Account ledgers of merchants often help to establish who was living in the vicinity and what they were purchasing. Account ledgers of doctors often provide births or visits to a sick family member which can help to establish an illness or death. The following is an example of one of the many account ledgers in the collection of the Bradford County Historical Society.

The account ledger of Peter Price French is inscribed "P. P. French D. Book 1822" and below that is inscribed "P. P. F." and on the next line "D. B. 1817." The top of the first page is dated "Hampton 25 Aug 1818" though in following pages, accounts with various people begin with dates of 1817. Peter Price French and family resided in Hampton, Washington County, New York before they settled in Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1824. The place of their settlement became known as French Mills and later Mosherville. The first twenty-six pages are accounts with people in Washington County, New York. After page twenty-six, the next page is numbered thirty six and the first entry is George D. Pettengill dated July 13th 1826. Below are the names of those from the account ledger who resided in Wells Township or nearby.

Belknap, Thomas
Broughton, Lyman
Brownson, Stephen
Campbell, Robert
Carley, blacksmith
Carr, James
Clark, John B.
Cook, Jeremiah
Forgerson, Garner
Gee, Nelson
Goodrich, Saint John
Holdredge, Daniel
House, W. R.
Joanes (Jones), Phylo (Philo)
Mapes, Partial
Miler (Miller), Calleb (Caleb) H.
Moore, Amos
Morres (Morris), Denes (Dennis)
Norris, Charles
Perry, Robert
Pettengill, George D. - mentions John under entry for George
Pettingell, John G.
Robards (Roberts), David
Sarls (Searls), Gilbird (Gilbert)
Smallage (Smallidge), James
Spalding, John
Spenser (Spencer), Wiliam (William)
Stafford, Uriah - mentions Coomer and Samuel under entry for Uriah
Sturdefint (Sturdevant), Joseph
Wilson, Estil

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