Matthew Carl, Manager/Curator

Matthew Carl is Manager/Curator at Bradford County Historical Society. As a native of Bradford County, he became interested in local history during a visit to Laquin at the age of 10. He was founding president of LeRoy Heritage Museum in LeRoy Township, Bradford County, in 2001 at the age of 18. Under his leadership, the organization purchased a historic grange hall and performed a $300,000 restoration project. A museum and research library was opened in 2010 and today maintains the largest collection of southwestern Bradford County history available anywhere. Matthew designed and assembled the museum exhibits. After significant growth of the LeRoy Heritage Museum collection, Matthew led the effort to acquire a second property for the museum in the fall of 2015 with the help of generous donors and the museum Board of Directors. He continues to serve as President of LeRoy Heritage Museum.

Matthew joined the Board of Trustees of the Bradford County Historical Society (BCHS) in 2004 at the age of 21, and was the youngest board member to be appointed in BCHS history. In the Spring of 2007, he was given the opportunity to transition from being a volunteer board member to being an employee. Today he manages the daily operations of the historical society including staff, educational programming, grant writing, exhibition planning and development, collections, and a variety of other management tasks. Beginning in 2009 he organized occasional meetings of the 10 museums of Bradford County in an effort to encourage dialogue and combined promotional efforts. This led to the museums working together on various projects and today the museums meet each year to share information. Matthew has authored, co-authored and/or designed six local history books and has worked on the reprinting of two older local histories. He has created a number of printed local history travel guides; does layout and design for The Settler, Bradford County Historical Societyís quarterly magazine; and is the editor and designer of The Monogram, LeRoy Heritage Museumís semi-annual local history journal. Matthew is known for his in-depth local history presentations and walking tours and has spoken regularly throughout Bradford County on the topic of local history for almost two decades. He has also met with small or start-up museums in Bradford County and New York to share advice based on his experience.

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Denise Golden, Library Clerk

Denise Golden is the Library Clerk in our Research Library. She became the receptionist at the Bradford County Historical Society in 1996. At the time, the Society was located in a house at 21 Main Street, Towanda. Denise assisted researchers there until the Research Library was moved to its present location in 2000. She then became the Library Clerk at the new facility where she has mastered the genealogical research process using the Historical Society's vast collection. When you visit the Research Library, submit a research request or need information on library services, Denise will be glad to assist you.

Freya Hasselbach, Museum Tour Guide

Freya Hasselbach is the Tour Guide in our Museum. A native of Towanda, Freya's career took her to Washington, DC and then across the country. After retiring she returned to the area and joined the staff of the Historical Society in 2017. Freya provides museum tours and information to museum visitors in addition to operating the gift shop, assisting with clerical work, and helping with research library operations. Freya is pleased help you learn more about our local history when you visit.

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