Atlas of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, 1869

55 Pages plus added index 


This atlas is a black & white reprint of the 1869 Atlas of Bradford County by Beers, Ellis & Soule. The name of the owner of each house is identified on the map and the names are indexed at the front of the book.





Table of Air-line Distances, Bradford County, Pa.

Sketch of the Early History of Bradford County

Statistics of Bradford County for 1868

Pennsylvania Map

Bradford County Map

Township Maps: Albany, Armenia, Asylum, Athens, Barclay, Burlington, Canton, Columbia, Franklin, Granville, Herrick, LeRoy, Litchfield, Monroe, North Towanda, Orwell, Overton, Pike, Ridgebury, Rome, Sheshequin, Smithfield, Springfield, South Creek, Standing Stone, Terry, Towanda, Troy, Tuscarora, Ulster, Warren, Wells, West Burlington, Wilmot, Windham, Wyalusing, Wysox.

Views of Bradford County

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