Bradford County Bicentennial - A Photographic History

363 pages

Hardcover, stitched binding

This book is a photo history of Bradford County published to commemorate the bicentennial year of Bradford County. Every township in the county is included and the boroughs are covered within each township except in cases where the boroughs were too large. In these cases, the borough has it's own chapter. The book includes hundreds of never-before published photographs as well as photos that were published in books that are no longer in print.



Bradford County Courthouse
Bradford County Historical Society
Albany Township
Armenia Township
Asylum Township
Athens Township
Barclay Township
Burlington Township
Canton Township
Columbia Township
Franklin Township
Granville Township
Herrick Township
LeRoy Township
Litchfield Township
Monroe Township
North Towanda Township
Orwell Township
Overton Township
Pike Township
Ridgebury Township
Rome Township
Sayre Borough
Sheshequin Township
Smithfield Township
South Creek Township
South Waverly Borough
Springfield Township
Standing Stone Township
Stevens Township
Terry Township
Towanda Township
Troy Township
Tuscarora Township
Ulster Township
Warren Township
Wells Township
West Burlington Township
Wilmot Township
Windham Township
Wyalusing Township
Wysox Township

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