Our Boys in Blue

1,000 Pages



Volume I - 1898; Volume II - 1906

This excellent publication was originally published as two volumes, but was reprinted together as one volume by the Bradford County Historical Society in 1998. The book features military service data on all Bradford County soldiers who fought in the Civil War. Additionally, the book features page after page of great stories and memories of war events submitted by the soldiers themselves. Anyone researching their Civil War era ancestors in Bradford County will want to add this book to their collection.


Volume I Chapters:

371 pages (not including added index)

1. Deeds of Valor and Thrilling Experiences
2. Various Scenes in Army Life
3. Prison Experiences
4. Some Brilliant Records
5. Notable Patriot Families
6. Veterans' Experiences

Volume II Chapters:

561 pages (not including added index)

1. The Civil War Causes and Opening Events
2. Bradford County Aroused
3. The Boys of '61
4. Calls, and the Boys of '62
5. The Boys of '63 and '64
6. Soldiers and Records by Districts
Albany, Armenia, Asylum, Athens, Burlington, Canton,
Columbia, Franklin, Granville, Herrick, LeRoy,
Litchfield, Monroe, Orwell, Overton, Pike, Ridgebury,
Rome, Sheshequin, Smithfield, South Creek, Springfield,
Standing Stone, Terry, Towanda, Troy, Tuscarora, Ulster,
Warren, Wells, Wilmot, Windham, Wyalusing,
7. Regiments and Battles
8. Various Scenes and Experiences
9. Patriotic Families
10. The Brave at Home
11. Since the Rebellion


Volume I

Major General Henry J. Madill, Clement F. Heverly, Anson B. Carney, Captain Benjamin M. Peck, Nathan V. Weller, Sergeant Jno. H. Chaffee, J. Andrew Wilt, James Carr, Fred M. Hicks, Colonel Edward Overton, Colonel Guy H. Watkins, Major W.H.H. Gore, Major Israel P. Spalding, Captain G.V. Myer, Captain Thomas Ryan, Captain George W. Kilmer, Captain Joseph H. Hurst, John Boyle, Captain John H. Summers, Diton Phelps

Volume II

Major Jeremiah Culp, Clement F. Heverly, The Goddess of Liberty, Old Courthouse in Towanda, Colonel Addison G. Mason, Major Henry J. Madill, Captain Daniel Bradbury, Charles D. Cash, Henry U. Jones, Captain John F. Clark, Captain E.A. Spalding, Beebe Gerould, William R. Vancise, Loren W. Forest, Allen McKean, John H. Black, Junia W. Allen, President Lincoln, Captain Benjamin S. Dartt, Major James C. Robinson, William J. Hurst, William Courtney, Henry S. Forbes, Daniel Ely, Nelson Sherman, Julian A. Bradley, Colonel Joseph H. Horton, Lyman E. Beers, William H. Becker, J. Dorsey Johnson, Giles M. Coons, Manley Stevens, Mrs. Daniel Heverly, Charles T. Hull, J. Andrew Wilt, Orrin D. Kinney, Hon. Thomas Ryan, Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, Madill Monument

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